memorial weekend

back to southampton again for memorial day weekend. here's the view of the field after all the grasses are cut. took this picture while i was bored watering bamboos. in case you are wondering, yes, i normally take my camera wherever i go.

sunset and the city

went for dinner at long island city the other day. i just couldn't stop myself from walking to gantry state park and watch the sun set over manhattan.



caught my neighbour red handed chopping off the top of our grasses growing over his plants and i think i heard him saying "tiu, tiu, tiu" and "kong...". i guess i can assume that he was saying "i going to bloody talk to him about this". funny....yes, dear neighbour don't worry. we'll take care of it. all you have to do is ask nicely. that's all:)



it's that time of year again. summer is almost here and time to do the backyard garden. we reuse all the hostas that have been sitting around on the patios for years and other plants brought from southampton to fill in the backyard. the latest addition to the backyard garden this year is the birdbath.. so, apart from the statue of virgin mary ( left by the previous owner), statue of buddha, we now have the bird bath. less than an hour after we finished working in the backyard, we had our first visitor who seemed a bit skeptic with its new findings. i was able to snap this picture just before he flew away.


Kingda Ka

i found this video from youtube.com. and yes, i am proud to say that i had been on that ride, and boy let me tell you, it was scary. i am not a big of roller coaster but i did it because someone dared me to do it. click on the video and see what i am talking about.



back to southampton again for the weekend. planted grasses by the beach in quogue. nice place but quite scary to live in a house being so close to the ocean. too bad all those grasses planted over the weekend will probably be wash away today because of storm brewing out in the atlantic.


view from bedroom window southampton

here's the view from my bedroom window in southampton. imagine waking up to this every single morning. below is a close view of the flowers before fully bloom.


the boys

the boys are always happy and cheerful at the end of the day especially when they know that they will be seeing their senoritas later in the evening.

back to southampton

i was back to southampton yesterday, straightway got into my working gear and started digging grasses at the field. two of us had to dig 300 hundred grasses by 5pm. boy, that was fun. one may think that it doesn't look that much from the picture. trust me, it took us about 7 hours to finish it all. i thought it would never end. woke up this morning and every single part of my boy is aching. it has been a while since the last time i did such heavy work. however, after 2 or 3 heavy work like this, it will be ok for me. the season has just started.



i see this building from the train on my way to work almost everyday and finally got the chance today to observe them closely. its quite amazing to see how much time and effort invested in creating this artwork. i know it can be a menace at times especially when your property or vehicle is sprayed by some ruthless kids but you can't help to wonder the talent some of this kids have especially those who did these particular work.