grand central

had to go to my friend's wedding in connecticut two weeks ago and was in the grand central station to catch metro north to stamford. i have to say that no matter how many times i have been to the station, it always amazes me to see how beautiful the interior of the building is.

malaysian contingent

managed to catch a glimpse of the malaysian contingent during the parade of nations in the opening night of the olympic games. still couldn't understand why malaysia want to bid for the 2020 olympic games. it's way too big for malaysian standard in terms of athletes performance and capabilities to organize the game as good as china. i know its all got to do with "wawasan 2020" but come on, let's get real here.

at the beach again

at the beach again this past weekend but this time i went to the shinnecock inlet county park east in southampton. sea was a bit choppy with big waves at the beach. lots of people too. i guess those with kids were trying to spend their last few days at the beach before summer is over.

visitor at the beach

finally got my laptop fixed. hopefully it is not going to let me down again. anyway, went to long beach in sag harbor few weeks ago and had a visitor who was posing in front of me. stood there for while, drying himself. he looked kindda sick with one eye gone. guess he knew that i had my camera with me and knew that his picture will be posted on this blog. here you go birdie and hope you are happy now.


dancing queen

check out my dancing buddy right in the middle of time square. i saw him the day before with a red top and leather skirt dancing his ass off right in the middle of traffic on time square. the next day i brought my camera to work with me and snapped these pictures as i was rushing to catch a train back to long island. didn't have time to follow and wait for him to shake his booty. check out the double take the man in red shirt gave to my buddy.


one of my student came to class wearing a traditional attire from mali which is called boubou (i think). since i had my camera with me, i asked for permission from the class to snap few pictures.

grass steps

my laptop is finally fixed and hopefully it doesn't disappoint me for the next 2 years or so. anyway, i worked at the watermill center few weeks ago and helped to rebuild the grass steps heading towards the entrance of the center. they had to dig a big hole right in the middle of the grass area in order to locate the septic tank and then we were given about 3 days to put it back together just in time for the benefit. i was only there on the last day which happened to be the day of the benefit. it was a crazy day but we were able to put everything together just in time before the first guest arrived.