dancing "makcik"s

these were taken in the same wedding in kota belud. mind you there was no alcohol served in the wedding but just had to take pics of the "makcik"s getting jiggy with it. i just hope they don't freak out when they realize that these pics can be seen on the internet with them in it.

traditional game

i took this picture just outside of kota belud in 2005 during a wedding. they would hang the "tanglung" or whatever you call it about 30 feet above ground with some bills attached on it . then the participating teams would take turns and hit the "tanglung" with a takraw ball and get as much money as they can. i don't remember at what stage of the game do they lower the thing down and the winning team would get the cash or something like that. apparently all those people standing around those two guys were just trying to grab any of the cash from the winning team's hand. wonder what is the name of the game.


art exhibit

a friend is having an art exhibition in manhattan and i had the opportunity to be there for the opening night. first of all, i apologize for the quality of the pictures. that's what happened after you had a few vodka cranberry. check out his website to have a better view of his work. www.jorghe.com

interesting facts about petai

read about it here. and find out what wikipedia has to say about petai.


ikan paus

i just found these pics taken in 2005 when a 40 ft whale (...i think) washed ashore in southampton. these pics were taken about a day or two after it was discovered at cooper's beach. no stinky smell yet at that time. not sure what they did with it. i know they had to take it out from there before it start decomposing, but only after the native americans from this area do their offering kind of thing. they were talks about preserving the bones at that time too but didn't quite follow after that. its amazing to see it lying there and picturing it actually swimming out in the ocean.


my first petai in 15 years

its true that i don't remember the last time i had petai. only found it in this malaysia restaurant that i just bumped into in brooklyn while driving around and checking out the so called brooklyn's chinatown which is on 8th avenue all the way from 48th street to about 62nd street. read about it here. i believe the restaurant is called rendang island restaurant.

so, i ordered something like stir fry vegetable (mix of lady's finger, petai, long beans and brinjal) with shrimp paste.
a bowl of some soup which i forgot what the name is;

and some kind of rice noodles which are made into cubes. it was a bit odd since i don't remember that being a malaysian dish.
nevertheless, finished everything in no time:)



You know you are a sabahan...
1) when you occasionally use the word “bah” at the end of a sentence even when you are conversing in english
2) when you salivate every time you hear the word “tuhau” and can’t remember the last time you had it.
3) when you wake up every morning and check the current weather and temperature on you ipod touch not only for new york but sandakan too.
4) when you read the online edition of the daily express every single day.
5) when your blog is called “kadazan man in new york” and had a posting about fried fish.

...slightly different version from ky chua's tag