last august, my level 4 students did a story telling activity as part of their class work. with three weeks of preparation, happy to say that they did put some effort in completing the task.


atlas park

i normally take q45 bus to catch the #7 train to times square. few weeks ago mta extended the q45 bus route all the way to the atlas park mall. so, i decided to check it out today on my way home. its looks pretty dead to me. maybe it's the middle of the week. but at least there's a bookstore and movie theater that i could go. although, i have to say the movies selection are quite pathetic.

david blaine: dive of death / part 2

just out of curiosity this morning, i stopped at central park again to check if mr.blaine was still hanging around there. lo and behold, he was still there. work crews were busy putting up a stage right underneath him. at one point, they lowered him down for few minutes and put something like pillow to support his head. jangan, jangan menipu ini pakcik oii. konon boleh tahan bergantung terbalik 60 jam.


david blaine: dive of death

i was somewhere around fifth avenue today and central park south today. decided to check out david blaine performing his stunt in central park. when i arrived there, one guy told me that he just had a break. i hung out there for few minutes and got into the stage or fenced area around him and snapped these pictures. he was actually signing autographs and taking pictures while hanging upside down. few minutes later, he was hoisted up and took another break. staffs wrapped a piece of cloth around him and handed him a bucket which was apparently used for him to relieve himself right above our heads. that's when my camera stopped working. it was so funny because everybody pretended to look away. but few looked up probably wanted to get a sneek peek of his wee wee.



just some pics that i took from the garden while experimenting with my camera.

Kebun Sayur

kadazanman doesn't have to worry about not getting the type of vegetables that he would normally eat back home. some of them are grown in our "kebun sayur komuniti". although, most of them can be purchased in queens but its actually nice to see them grown out in your garden.

Terung - made some delicious vegetable curry with some of it, although i think i overcooked it a little bit. i know we call it brinjal back home but in the US it is commonly known as eggplant.

Serai - didn't get the chance to use it in any of my dish this year. i hope to use some of it next year. i wonder if it can survive the cold weather though.

Bendi - i did cook this one but only in a quick stir fry. i need to make some sambal belacan and eat it like we normally do back home. although, i don't think they are going to bear any more fruit for the season. check out the flower. i wonder if we can eat them.

ok, here's something that we don't grow back home, raspberry.

and not forgetting, pumpkin. when you see people at the vegetable stand start selling them, for me it's a sign that halloween and cold weather is on its way.


waterfall-brooklyn bridge

kadazan man went for a walk at south street seaport to take few pictures of the waterfall right under the brooklyn bridge. looks great but didn't see that many people who took great interest in it.


cheyenne jackson?

i am not quite sure who he is but i believe this is cheyenne jackson who is one of the leading actor in xanadu. i saw him coming out of the helen hayes theater just after the show was over.


saw whoopi coming out of the helen haynes theatre the other night. i know she is currently performing in xanadu until september 7th. she was very patient with her fans, signed autographs for them and took pics. however, in this pic one man asked her a question which i am not quite sure what it was but she took her time answering it.

summer 2008

summer is almost over. time to go back to school and wait for the cold weather to come...well not that soon but we all know its coming. as for the kids, who cares for the cold weather when you are having fun.