Christmas Dinner - Live

Live Videostream - Christmas Dinner

December 25, 2009

2pm EST / Local time New York = 2am Local time Malaysia


8pm EST / Local time new York = 8am Local time Malaysia


what we had for thanksgiving.

brussel sprouts

turkey and turnip or maybe it was rutabaga. it was picked from the field.

pork shoulder (pernil)

pork loin
...mashed potato, a georgian and russian dish.


crossing over east river

went to the gym last saturday. talk about getting fat, when i was done, i felt like having a bowl of fried noodles in chinatown. i just burned few calories but was just about to add couple hundred more. nonetheless, i went for it and had the best greasy, choked with overcooked vegetable bowl of fried noodles. was just about to get into subway to go home when i saw williamsburg bridge and decided to burn off the fried noodles by crossing over the east river on foot.
entrance to the walkway.

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view of east river river from the bridge.

bike path and walkway on the bridge.

view of manhattan bridge and brooklyn bridge from williamsburg bridge.

train track on williamsburg bridge.

view of brooklyn from the bridge.

view of williamsburg from the bridge.

view of williamsburg bridge from williamsburg, brooklyn.


things you see in new york city street

saw this display at the entrance to the subway at the corner of delancey and essex street today. i called the number but only got the voice box. sounds like someone made up the company just for the fun of it.


apa kau buat tuh burung!!??!?

apa kau buat tuh burung!!??!? = what the hell is that woodpecker doing!!??!?



cooking practice for thankgiving

its that time of the year again. time to wipe off the dust and fire up the oven. cooked pork tenderloin in the oven for the first time in my life. seriously. it came out better than i thought. note the chopped potatoes and zuchini underneath the meat. thinking about roasting them while cooking the meat. that didn't come out good. need to cut it in bigger chunks and let it stay longer in the oven.


spanish food

bought dinner from jackson heights the other day. looks yummy until you see the pigs feet. quite delicious but its a plate filled of killer fats.


Wellington Edward...

I was with you back then in Syracuse and Boston, and you were always there for me all the way to Malaysia. I am so so sorry that I was not there for you the day when It was my turn to be there for you.

Rest in Peace.

link - Get up Well, get up!



didn't feel well this past week. not sure whether it was cold or flu, or even swine flu. didn't go to work on monday. wished i could stay home longer but just couldn't do it this week what with the midterm and many other things. was able to sustain myself by swallowing everything below. and thanks to companies like cottonelle for inventing product such as wet tissues or else my nose would be red like rudolf the red nose reindeer. i didn't exactly use cottonelle at work but some baby wipes made from bamboo. all i can say whatever is good for baby's butt is good for my nose too. anyway, its been a week and still not 100% well yet. hopefully it well wear off in the next few days.


fish pedicures banned in nyc

compare those fish in the video with the fish in the next photo which was taken in sabah somewhere in kampung luantin, ranau.


third attempt

trying to makes use of all the spices available in the kitchen.

rub it all on the meat.

ok i know what you are thinking but do not judge the outside of the ribs by its look.

well..this is probably the best looking one among the two pieces.
hey! at least, i tried.


gaduh...new york style

this happened early this morning as caught on video by fox news reporter. how come i wasn't around when this happened?



went across town to the united nation hoping to catch people banging their drums protesting or maybe catch a glimpse of muammar gaddafi if he happens to be hanging around that area since they wouldn't let him stay any where in the city. it was actually very quite. there was nothing to see except few people blowing some kind of horn made from tusk plus a hungry strike.