jackson heights halloween parade 2008 - unknown category

i was not surprised to see this man. in the halloween parade. always see him either in elmhurst or jackson heights dressed exactly the same way winter, spring, summer and fall. check out his dog in the first pic. guess the dog has no choice but to submit to his owner's desire. pics are quite terrible actually. still experimenting with the camera.

jackson heights halloween parade 2008 - cute

you can't help but to "oh" and "ah" at these kids. i guess my favorite would be the kid dressed as a ghost.

jackson heights halloween parade 2008 - superheroes

here comes the parade. here comes the superheroes.

Jackson Heights Halloween Parade 2008

went to the library in jackson heights this evening. i was surrounded by fairies, princess, spidermen etc. little did i know that a halloween parade was about to start at 5 pm. so, i figured that hang around a little while and snapped few pictures. there were mostly kids in the parade along with their parents.

waiting the parade to start. even the dog was all dressed up and ready for the parade.

11 years ago

came across this pic taken 11 years. how time flies. totally forgotten i had a halloween party at my house in south campus, syracuse university. not sure if we all went out after the party or what we did during the party.


st. mary's primary school, sandakan, sabah, malaysia

St. Mary's Sandakan, has the unique distinction of being the oldest school in Sabah. It began with the acquisition of 5 acres of land in Sandakan by Monsignor T. Jackson, the prefect Apostolic of the Mill Hill Order of Missionary Priest in May 1883. In July 24, 1883. Rev. Father. Prenger and Fr. Pundleider began the first school in Borneo, St. Mary's School.

The first pupils, 5 in all, were housed in a kajang hut. In February 1884, Fr. Pundleider left Sandakan to open up Bundu Mission. However, in November 1885, Fr. Prenger was ordered by Msgr. Jackson to leave because " Sandakan unhealthy, many Chinese sick, no good water and Fr. Prenger often ill."

The closure of the school was temporary. Rev. Fr. J. Byron, on his visit to Sandakan in July 1886, found 26 Catholics there. However, it was only a year later that Fr. Byron was able to re-establish the Mission and School in Sandakan. On August 15, 1887 Fr. Byron re-opened St. Mary's School, but only 1 boy turned up for registration. Untaunted, Fr. Byron continued his efforts. Slowly, the enrolment rose to 12. By 1888, a new building was built in order to cope with the rising student population.

The War years did not seem to have affected St. Mary's unduly and a major mile stone in the history of the school was reached with the appointment of Rev. Fr. A Stotter to the Rector of Sandakan in 1920. In 1923, he invited two De La Salle Brothers from Hong Hong to take over the running of St. Mary's School. Shortly after Fr. Stotter returned to Europe to attend the Chapter of his Congregation. On his return in1926, Fr. Stotter saw the need for a bigger school and a site was prepared. A new 3 storyed wooden building was completed in 1929. The ground floor comprised of classrooms; the first floor made up of class rooms and rooms for the priests. The third floor was mostly dormitory.

In 1927, Rev. Fr. B.J Davis came to Sandakan and and was put in charge of St. Mary's the following year. In 1931, he entered some candidates for the Hong Kong Local Exams, with great success. The following year he switched to the Cambridge Locals, also with success. St. Mary's became officially recognised as the centre for Cambridge Local Examinations.

However, war broke out in 1939 and North Borneo was under Japanese occupation from 1942 - 1945. It was in 1943 that the Japanese razed St. Mary's to the ground. There was neither Church or School standing. The period after the war belongs, rightly to, Rev. Fr. Anthony Moulders. He was visionary, architect, planner, contractor, all rolled in one, in the difficult process of reconstruction after the devastation of the war, and credit for putting St. Mary's back on its feet should be given to Fr. Moulders. On his arrival in Sandakan in 1952, he wasted no time in getting down to business. Through his tireless efforts, not only 1 school, but 2 schools were opened. In 1953, he built a 2 storyed 11 classroom school besides the church. But it was soon found to be too small and inadequate for the numerous students whose education had been disrupted by the war and who had a lot of studies to make up for.

In 1954, Rev. Fr.J.Van Haaren obtained a large piece of land at Mile 2 1/2, Labuk Road and he constructed a school to house the secondary school students while the previous school was turned over exclusively to the Primary school, being know as St. Mary's Primary School bandar (photo).

In 1991, Mr. Francis Tan took over as Headmaster. A catholic, he has done a lot in the beautification of the school and gave the school a facelift. Likewise in the field of academy, the school also excels in their annual UPSR examinations.

source - http://www.rc.net/malaysia/kotakinabalu/stmary/schools.htm


letchworth state park

pics taken at letchworth state park few years ago. it was back in the days when digital camera was somewhat non existence at that time. i think it was taken in september or early october. if i am not mistaken, this place is also known as the "grand canyon" of new york state.

Bamboo Delivery

Delivered bamboo to an apartment owned by a very well known celebrity. sorry i can't mention the name here. the bamboo was supposed to go to the top floor of the building on the right of the first pic. so, it had to be lifted up there using crane.


manhattan skyline

one more nice day to spend sitting outside and enjoy the evening breeze and nothing beats the view from gantry state park of the united nation building and midtown manhattan skyline.

more fall color

ok, one warm day for tomorrow and then temperature will drop to seasonal temp. we have to wait for about 6-7 months before they start flowering again.

fall color

fall foliage is still patchy in new york area at the moment where red, yellow or brown is normally the official color of fall. however, occasional you see dash of purple or surprisingly blue right in the midst of them all.


sea bass goreng

hey, hey, look at that, louie went fishing last night and caught few sea bass. gave us one and boy, he's big. i couldn't wait to fry that bastard next weekend. not even sure what we call them in malay?


looking at the binoculars while i was at the beach yesterday, all of a sudden it reminded me of zamah (grandfather). i remember he used to have this big binoculars, not sure the brand name, that i would secretly play with when he was not around.

one more day at the beach

weather was warm yesterday. well, not that warm that you could jump into the water but nice enough to be sitting at the beach. so, i figured what the heck, one more day wouldn't kill ya. went to beach d on dune road and man, we had to fight the crowd to get to the beach:)

trout pond - fall foliage

stopped by at trout pond to check it out or maybe take pics of the fall foliage. patches of color here and there. but quite peak yet. it will certainly look different in few weeks time.


madonna - sticky & sweet

so, went to the show last night. thought i was going to be late because i almost missed the 7 pm train to secaucus junction in order to catch a shuttle bus to the meadowlands. but, apparently madge decided to come on stage about 1 hour later. there was no opening act so i had to hold my bladder for an hour because i thought the show was going to start the moment i get up from my seat. anyway, was not as excited as i thought i should have been. its probably because i saw half of the show on youtube. i guessed i was more interested in seeing how the whole concert looks like live and kindda imagine what you will see on tv or dvd. i would say it would be one hell of a boring show without all the lights and video screen in the background. i just have to say one thing though, why must she play guitar during every segment of her show? urgh, kindda slowed down the momentum of the segment. it was great when she played played the guitar for the theme song from evita where she was surrounded by other musicians. other than that, she can do without it and gawd, especially with the song ray of light. oh by the way, she should have skipped the song spanish lesson in her set list too. don't want to sound bicthy about the concert since others probably wouldn't have the chance to watch her concert and i should consider myself lucky. overall, i enjoyed it and who knows she could be dead tomorrow and at least i can say that i had been to her show. even the biker dude behind me said to his girlfriend or wife that he went to zztop, bruce springsteen's concert at the meadowlands ( uh huh ) and came to see madonna just to check out what people are raving about and he actually stayed through the whole show. so there you, i have seen the pope in nyc, i went to madonna's concert in new jersey, i have been to kinabalu twice, niagara falls many times and the next thing on the list is to go la tomatina tomato fight in bunyol for my next big birthday...ooopa. now that would be one hell of an experience.