celebrity sighting

so, i went to the polo again this past weekend. during half time, I walked across the field just to take pics of the “important” people in the main tent. I was taking pics when a lady came to me and asked which famous celebrity I was looking at under the tent. Told her that I have no clue and was just taking pics of random people. Then she spotted jon from jon & kate plus 8. jon who happened to look toward our direction actually waved at us. Without wasting any time, I was doing my paparazzi bit. Boy, how he love the attention. he actually put his shades on, walked toward the fence and stood there until the other real paparazzi saw him. I think he just arrived at the polo when we first saw him few moments before. and yes, that was lindsay lohan’s father standing right next to him.


"waste not"

Went to moma yesterday to check this exhibit by an artist called song dong. To make a long story short, song dong was born in Beijing on the eve of the cultural revolution. Mother came from a wealthy family whose relative was jailed as an anti-communist spy. Parents adhered to the cultural revolutionary dictum of frugality in daily. Let’s just say that the mother somewhat over did it. When the mother died in 2006, song dong decided, instead of destroying what his late mother has collected, he decided to lay it all out as art exhibit. Believe it or not, the mother supposed stacked everything into the tiny shack that can be seen in the first picture.


summer 2009

played around with video making program in my laptop and managed to put this together. videos taken during our visit to staten island and the time we went to watch a concert at carnegie hall.


july 4th

tried to take some pics during the fireworks last night but i think this is the only one worth sharing. oh well, still learning how to use my camera and all the features that came with it.


jalan-jalan to roosevelt island

took a few of my students to the united nations headquarters for a tour of the complex but tickets were sold out for the day. so, i quickly came up with plan b and decided to take them on a tram ride to roosevelt island. weather was a bit yucky but we tried to make the best out it.

mariam (from burkina faso), sara (france), yana (ukraine)

ekaterina (bulgaria)

jose (spain), prasert (thailand)

xiao lin (china), peng fei (china)