fleet week

went to check out the navy ships that are in town for fleet week. it was late in the evening and it was already closed by the time when we got there. ended up walk around the area and had dinner at an indonesian restaurant.

visiting ship in town.

the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum-military and maritime history museum

nasi rames at bali nusa indah.



finally got some time to take pics and start updating my blog page agtain. spring semester will be done by next week. 2 weeks off then summer session will begin where i will be teaching 2 nights in a week for 6 weeks. then will be free again until september. in meantime, did some shopping today and getting ready for summer outdoor cooking.

saw this at the store and looking forward to have lemang with my rendang.

this is probably the best tasting canned satay sauce out there.
i know i should make it from scratch but just couldn't be bothered
to get all the ingredients together.

rendang, a must have. sambal udang, for seafood night and
finally got a fried chicken rub in order to try our new fryer.

more curry and stir fry paste.

want to try this some time this summer.

last but not least, a staple in every asians household all around the world.
just in case i mess up, couple teaspoon of aji-no-moto will do the job.

saw some rambutan sold in the store. haven't had this for
like 10 years. it was about $7 per-lb. alang-alang tidak kempunan,
i picked 6 pieces of them and it cost me about $2.50.
i remember those days when i used to get sick of them because
they were simply too many at the house.
now i have to be picky and think twice of getting them.


Driving To Manhattan-May 3, 2010

Video was done on my way to Manhattan yesterday morning. First view of Manhattan taken from Kosciuszko Bridge on the Brooklyn- Queens Expressway and then from Williamsburg Bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan.