summer time - battery park

i went to battery park on friday evening just to check out things that were going on down there. i know there are normally plenty of concerts, shows or exhibitions going on especially in the summer. i ran into a drum playing class where i found out that you can borrow drums from the park managementor bring your own and join the class. i think they call it the Sunset Jam on the Hudson. at one time, i was sitting on the park bench checking my bag when all of a sudden i heard people running from behind me. i turned around and saw this wall of people coming towards me, jumping over the bench like mad cows. it turned out to be somekind of travelling show or play. i think it is called something like "Shakespeare in the park". apparently, audience had to run after or follow the actors whenever they go and use various location in the park as the backdrop of their play. last but not least, saw one of the waterfall, which is an art installation that will be on display until october. didn't feel like walking towards the brooklyn bridge to check out the other 3 waterfalls. i decided to do that next time.

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