atlas park

i normally take q45 bus to catch the #7 train to times square. few weeks ago mta extended the q45 bus route all the way to the atlas park mall. so, i decided to check it out today on my way home. its looks pretty dead to me. maybe it's the middle of the week. but at least there's a bookstore and movie theater that i could go. although, i have to say the movies selection are quite pathetic.


Carroll-Mera Chronicles said...

it gets more lively at this mall. It is kind of expensive but I normally go for the movies since only other good movie theaters are farther away. Nice shot of Atlas Park I may say. you did catch the essence of it. The bus stopping there is pretty new as you may have figured out. I try to go to all the restaurants there but the prices are not worth it as the food is not that good.

I live near there which is why I am commenting

kadazan man said...

Like I said the only two things that would interest me to go there are the movie theater and bookstore. However, I forgot to mention the amish market. They have ok selection if you want to try something different. Come to think about they should have asked Trader's Joe to open there too instead of down the road by Woodhaven.