madonna - sticky & sweet

so, went to the show last night. thought i was going to be late because i almost missed the 7 pm train to secaucus junction in order to catch a shuttle bus to the meadowlands. but, apparently madge decided to come on stage about 1 hour later. there was no opening act so i had to hold my bladder for an hour because i thought the show was going to start the moment i get up from my seat. anyway, was not as excited as i thought i should have been. its probably because i saw half of the show on youtube. i guessed i was more interested in seeing how the whole concert looks like live and kindda imagine what you will see on tv or dvd. i would say it would be one hell of a boring show without all the lights and video screen in the background. i just have to say one thing though, why must she play guitar during every segment of her show? urgh, kindda slowed down the momentum of the segment. it was great when she played played the guitar for the theme song from evita where she was surrounded by other musicians. other than that, she can do without it and gawd, especially with the song ray of light. oh by the way, she should have skipped the song spanish lesson in her set list too. don't want to sound bicthy about the concert since others probably wouldn't have the chance to watch her concert and i should consider myself lucky. overall, i enjoyed it and who knows she could be dead tomorrow and at least i can say that i had been to her show. even the biker dude behind me said to his girlfriend or wife that he went to zztop, bruce springsteen's concert at the meadowlands ( uh huh ) and came to see madonna just to check out what people are raving about and he actually stayed through the whole show. so there you, i have seen the pope in nyc, i went to madonna's concert in new jersey, i have been to kinabalu twice, niagara falls many times and the next thing on the list is to go la tomatina tomato fight in bunyol for my next big birthday...ooopa. now that would be one hell of an experience.


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