cooking practice for thankgiving

its that time of the year again. time to wipe off the dust and fire up the oven. cooked pork tenderloin in the oven for the first time in my life. seriously. it came out better than i thought. note the chopped potatoes and zuchini underneath the meat. thinking about roasting them while cooking the meat. that didn't come out good. need to cut it in bigger chunks and let it stay longer in the oven.


SJB said...

Your cooking just like orang putih now (*_*). Well, look yummy.

kadazan man said...

only during the holidays:) other than that rice with kicap masin or sambal belacan kamayan is always good for me.

Cath J said...

Hahahaha... wipe up the dust... I like the way you said it...hihihi