what earth hour???

happened to pass by time square just before 8.30 last night while on my way out for dinner. time square was as busy and hectic as usual with probably couple thousands more who were probably there to wait for the earth hour. stood at he corner of 49th street and broadway. 8.30 came and nothing happened. seriously, nothing. ok, yeah sure the Coca-Cola sign, the Chase banking group and the Nasdaq stock exchange board went dark. or maybe the united nation building, or empire state building which i heard went dark too. but seriously, last night was a joke. i mean if they really to get the message through rather than just a symbolic gesture. just turn it off . and maybe, just maybe, people will take note. just by turning off one or two jumbo screen here and there hardly made any impression at all. i walked away ashamed of myself.
*unrelated photo. taken in summer 2008.
**will post video of last night in day or two.


Carolyn said...

That was bad..hmmm
KLCC Twin Tower & KL Tower went off for an hour ;-)

kadazan man said...

yeah...read about it in http://www.cjgotravel.com/2009/03/earth-hour-klcc-and-around-my-house.html

Kengkaru Kong said...

bro, memang nothing happen. business is more important ... sad.