my laptop went back to the repair shop again on monday, and finally got it back today. nothing serious this time but just a bit of tweaking. hopefully i wouldn't get any more virus attack on my laptop. anyway, went to check out the city's new attraction in chelsea with my students. basically, its an old elevated rail line that was turned into public park which stretches around 8 blocks from 23rd street in chelsea to gansevoort street in the meatpacking district. it was officially opened just last week.

surrounding views from the high line.


de Engineur said...

nice place man! is this park actually elevated from the ground?

abt your virus things...get a copy of a good internet security software. I'm using Karspersky and so far served me good!


kadazan man said...

yes, it used to be an elevated freight railway track built in 1930s and was last used in 1980.

Cath J said...