earth hour - new york city

dragged my sick arse out of bed this evening to take pics of the Empire State building doing their thing for the Earth Hour. watched the lights turned off from the 40th street stop on the number 7 train.
then headed to Gantry State Park to watch it turned back on.

then i realized that something else came back on right next to me. it was the famous pepsi-cola sign that used to be on top of a bottling factory not far from the park. i think the factory was shut down in 1999 and the building was demolished. however, the city wanted to keep the iconic symbol and transferred it to its current location. pretty cool. have to drop by some other day when the weather is a bit warmer and check it out . it was a bit chilly out there tonight.


Cath J said...

wah very interesting... I didnt managed to see what ever happen on that moment... coz was in a wedding dinner... T_T

love the pepsi cola sign too..hihihi

SJB said...

Wah...best oh. Macam di sini tidak banyak juga orang ikut tu 60 earth hour. Kali dorang tidak kisah kali.

Kadazan Man in New York said...

orang di sini pun ramai yang macam tidak peduli. they probably didn't know or simply don't care about it.