Its Christmas time again
The season of renewal
Love, faith, charity
And all that is beautiful
Chimes greatly in to every heart
Beating in celebrations
Of Spirit, togetherness, and affirmation.


Somehow not only for Christmas
But all the long year through,
The joy that you give to others
Is the joy that comes back to you.

And the more you spend in blessing
The poor and lonely and sad,
The more of your heart's possessing
Returns to make you glad.

-John Greenleaf Whittier-

Whatever else be lost among the years,
Let us keep Christmas still a shinning thing:
Whatever doubts assail us, or what fears,
Let us hold close one, remembering
Its poignant meaning for the hearts of men.
Let us get back our childlike faith again.

-Grace Noll Crowell-

The merry family gatherings –
The old, the very young;
The strangely lovely way they
Harmonize in carols sung.
For Christmas is tradition time
Traditions that recall
The precious memories down the years,
The sameness of them all.

-Helen Lowrie Marshall-


SJB said...


GregChai said...

Looks like everybody had good time :)

Food looks yummy :)

kadazan man said...

tonnes of food. it was like a mini united nation food fair. we had food from kazakhstan, colombia, japan, china, indonesia, the philipines, malaysia, mali and egypt.

Anonymous said...

looks good from this side of the world but i see no mention of paddie food ! ! WHY ??? just 1 spud maybe ! ? ? Must say kadazan man looks good ?

kadazan man said...

we had few spuds. then again no paddie's representatives in the house during the party that needs to be mentioned.