us$1 in nyc

what can get for us$1 in nyc? some of the following and yes, i have tried them all.
*plain bagel with jelly
*small coffee or tea
*roast pork buns in a chinese bakery(used to be 75cents but just found out recently that they
increased the price)
*5 pieces of fried wonton at that dumpling shop on mosco street in chinatown
*fried noodle from a food vendor in elmhurst
*15 minutes on a drying machine
*8 minutes worth of conversation when using public phones
*maybe 45-60 minutes of metered parking
*a copy of new york times
*4 minutes at the peep show
*1 piece of fried chicken from a deli on 45 street between 8 and 9 avenue
*1 piece of southern style fried chicken from soulfood on 29th street between 7th and 8th avenue *6-10 minutes of internet access


The Dusun Aroma said...

kalau di Sabah. USD 1 sekarang less than RM 3.. kali less than RM 2.5.. so mi bungkus or roti canai sema air kali lah.

Cath J said...

Next time take a photos of all the list.. ;)