nyc - holiday season

everyone knows that the christmas and holiday season is a great time to visit nyc, which explains all the crowds in the pic. was walking by the rockefeller center yesterday morning at 8 am and the place was already somewhat busy. been to that area in the evening during this time of the year...well, forget about it. of course you have the christmas treet at the rockefeller center, a must see attraction if you're visiting the city during the holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Hi...i read ur blog thru my fren blog view, The ice-skating photo make me remember one of my fav movie... Serendipity... nice photo u have there

kadazan man said...

i have only seen bits and pieces of the movie. i think the ice skating they used in that movie was the one in central park. serendipity is, by the way, also a name of a very famous ice cream place in manhattan/upper east side where, from i heard, sells ice cream with 23k edible gold leaf and some other supposedly the best ingredients. think it cost about us$1,000. never been there. aiso usin to spend on something fancy like that.

The Dusun Aroma said...

very nice, the Christmas mood is in the air!

sadly different story to our friend here :