beras naik harga

ok i used to think i can't live without eating a bowl of rice at least once a day. however, i found out that i can actually survive without it. well...not too long though because they will be days when i would crave for some fried rice mixed with chinese sausage (lapchong) and smothered with sriracha hot chili sauce and soy sauce.

anyway, today i packed my lunch from home and i had boar's head turkey wrap with lettuce and honey dijon mustard and couple of mandarin oranges for snack. sounds yummy isn't it? well, since the price of almost everything in the store has risen nowadays and the last thing i would expect is that rice is becoming a controlled commodity in the us. well, I am glad to know that i can survive my day without having to live only on rice. i can eat anything else for meal but, honestly, potato and mac cheese is just not my thing. ok, well, chocolate and ice cream too, i will be just fine without them.

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Campukak said...

How can I missed this posting after a few times visiting this site of yours.., Oh!, yes beras (curi-curi) naik harga in Sabah, Oh! no.. it surely will trigger the chain reaction towards other food product and even tambang bas dan teksi is going to be effected very soon. Finger pointing is quite common lately between the Consumer Ministry which blame the Agriculture Ministry for stock shortage, and The Agriculture Ministry blaming the Consumer Ministry for unable to solve the smuggling activities to the neighbouring countries. Now Roti Canai cost RM1.20 per piece.