shea stadium

got our tickets for the baseball game next thursday. so far, i have 18 students who are going to the game with me. come to think about it, its quite a big crowd. the weather is supposed to be nice. and got all the seats almost in one row, well, almost. 12 people will be sitting together and the other 6 will be in another row. the reason why i wanted to do this is because they are building a new stadium right and tear down the old one, as seen in the picture. so, i'll go there just to say to everybody that i'd been to one of the games during the final season at shea stadium, took a picture and that's it. the new stadium is going to be called citi fields. i will try and go to yankee stadium too because they are building a new one and going to tear down the old by the end of the year, i think.

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