end of the week

exam is over, spring is here, pope is coming and still a busy week ahead. so, i took a walk through bryant park yesterday just to take a break and enjoy the sign that spring is truly coming. tulips are out but not fully bloom. its getting there. been busy this week with exams plus preparation for incoming of new students next week. still have some papers to correct and grades to go through...oh the joy of being a teacher. and duh, i missed the free tickets that they are giving out for the pope's visit in new york next week. boy, it is going to be crazy week. everybody is talking about it. the hottest thing ticket in town at the moment. however, the thing that really bugs is that why do they want to have the mass at yankee stadium where they can only have 50,000 people in the stadium. why can't they use central park where they can fit in 500,000 people. anyway, will work my laptop tonight and let my fingers to the work to check and see if they are giving out any more free tickets in the next few days. i still have time. by the way, all the event for the pope's visit can be viewed live online at this website http://www.uspapalvisit.org/. check it out

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