2008 ing new york city marathon - what to wear

brave heart costume

wig and funky shades

he called himself mr. coat man (while carrying champagne on a tray)

some kind of super hero costume with nemo on his head

flag bearer

robin hood

colorful wig

more wigs

pink flamingo hat and pink tights

lizard (...i think)

he runs on dunkin (...literally)

vote obama tees

batman and robin

or basically wear nothing at all. couldn't get a clear pic of him. he was wearing the borat's bikini and a wig with mullet. imagine running 26 miles in the thing, 50 degrees temperature and your thong wedge between your ass cheek. boy, his ass will be sore tomorrow. check out all the looks he got in the first pics. i will try and look for better pic of him online. i'm sure someone have taken a good pic of him.