noodle bar

was in chinatown again today for my eye doctor's exam. when done, wanted to go to the food hawkers on east broadway that sell mixed rice for us$4 per-plate but somehow ended up in this somewhat new fancy noodle place on division street just before the manhattan bridge underpass. i think the name is hong kong station. the menu display on the street caught my eye especially where it said us$3 for a bowl of noodles. i scanned through things they have and luckily they had picture menu because the rest of them were in chinese. so, i decided to give it a shot, walked in and point my finger at the picture for pork feet noodle soup....yummy. nothing fancy really, just plain and simple to satisfy my tastebud. they gave me a decent size bowl of yellow noodle and 4 pieces of juicy pork feet. it was only later after i have taken the picture that i noticed from the placemat on my tray, in english, that you could actually create you own noodle with whatever choices they have on display behind the counter. wonder if it would still cost me us$3 for that. another reason for me to go back to this place.

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