itm - kuala menggatal

recently, i heard some stories or comments about the deteriorating condition of the old itm-kuala menggatal campus. last i heard, due to shoddy construction, the old campus of what used to be the main and vibrant area campus was left without any proper care. also heard that there were plans to tear down the complex. so, luckily i took a detour and went to see the campus in 2005 just to have a final look before they permanently bulldozed the whole place.

the parking lot of what used to be our padang kawat kesatria too. man, i remember those days when i had to march around the parking lot in my starched uniform..kiri..kiri..kanan..kiri. oh, and i still remember very well how to report to the komander or cikgu-cikgu...90186494...siap sedia untuk diuji. i think...something like that.

walkway to the dining hall...i think, or commonly known as "kawasan bertiang".

classrooms block...the top floor was the best floor. always breezy and also had a nice view of the surrounding area. i only used the back staircase, far left side of the pic, during day time. i would never used it at night. something about that part of the building that seemed so spooky.

had my etr presentation in one of these rooms.

ahhh...room 406 of block e. what used to be my old room. good times.... and had some delicious midnight maggi snack on that desk too.

our wonderful bathroom. i remember during our "evening rush hours" when some students were rushing to go to their evening clases after dinner, some of them would fill up those sinks and scooped water with our own "gayung" and took a cold water bath right there.

i have to say though that the view from bukit itm is fantastic. although, one couldn't help noticing how some of the surrounding areas has changed quite a lot. the cleared area at the bottom of the first used to be just miles and miles of green trees. look at it now. guess, that's what one would consider as "kemajuan".

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