when you have to go...especially in new york

man...when you have to go in new york, you better have a place in mind to go. its a hassle to some people like me who goes to bathroom quite often especially in the winter...its the weather. or even for people visiting new york. its good to know that someone is actually taking care the problem of locating a bathroom for me. thanks diaroogle.com. you are a life saver.


GregChai said...

I think the Malaysian Tourist Agency should come up with a similar map, at least the tourist won't have any problem with... :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should check out SitOrSquat.com.

kadazan man said...

i did. thanx for the tip. its funny that most of the places listed are places that i would likely go to if i ever have to go anyway in the city. they seemed to miss eateries such as pax and few others in the city. they are all in pretty decent shape. not forgetting office supplies stores like office depot or staples too.