birthday dinner

had few people over for dinner last night. so i was busy all day yesterday shopping and preparing for it. we had malaysian prawn noodle soup as starter and then rendang, green curry vegetable which my friend had prepared, cucumber salad and steamed tiger shrimp just to help ease down all the spicy food we were having plus briyani rice. at the end of the meal, while waiting for my friend to take the dessert out and letting others clear up the table, i decided to act malas lah and enjoy my wine. didn't tell anybody what the dinner is for for but guess someone found and ran to the store around the coner and bought some birthday cake candles and stuck it into the dessert that my friend had prepared and made it into a birthday cake. imagine the look on my face. no didn't take pics of any of the food though. totally forgotten about it.


GregChai said...

Belated Happy Birthday bro from Me, Maria, Denise and Isaac

kadazan man said...

thank you very much. nanti balik malaysia saya belanja minum:)