leftover food from last night

duh, i do have some pics of the food from last night and some shrimps too. totally forgotten that i have made 2 extra that were still sitting in the steamer this morning.

steamed tiger shrimp wrapped in banana leaves

rendang...well, my version that is. of course i can't beat the one made back home.

green curry vegetable...i know i need to warm it up.

something to wash down the food with.

no, you are not seeing things. the wine is called fat bastard alright and it's a french wine too.

last but not least, nothing beats leftover from the night before and have it as breakfast.
i know i am as "kampung" as a kadazan man can be in new york:)


Cath J said...

Sooo...wonderful.. you cook all that?? You soo gentleman!

The Dusun Aroma said...

haha gracias topinai! I'm a fan of left over too .. and my wife was on the opposite, but that was was.. Now there r no more waste from our kitchen. Can say 0 waste lah hehe.

Even the bones, unused vegies and peeled fruit's skin were all consumed - by our new friend of course, the wormmyy. Got a new worm farm on my backyard bah topinai :)

GregChai said...

that rendang looks delicious :)