read about the uproar created by a bakery in west village where they came up with a very interesting cookie in honor of barack obama's inauguration. read about it here. of course i have to go down there and check it out. i looked around for that particular cookie in the bakery and couldn't find it any where. i didn't even bother asking because the women behind the counter was a bit slow and and didn't want to cause a gridlock in the store and she couldn't hardly speak english. interestingly, on my way out the women right after asked for it and the lady behind the counter just snapped and denied selling such cookie. guess they stopped making it after the tv interview. nevertheless, i bought 1/2 lbs of their cookies and see what so good about it. i i picked some pistachio cookies, chocolate with raspberry and "something" covered with coconut. honestly, they ok. it's hard and dry and had to dip it in my coffee to soften it up a bit.

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Cherish Tulips said...

Wow,cookies made for Obama?