ikan kayu or ikan lumahan?

found out this morning my friend bought some fish from a philippines supermarket and forgot to bring back to long island. so, i decided that i should fry one of them for dinner later and only then i realized that it was actually my favorite fish back home. i think its ikan lumahan. there is such thing as ikan lumahan right? or is it ikan kayu? i don't know. i may get the name all screwed up. i don't even know what they call it in english. so anyway, i was actually drooling thinking about it all day long at work. on my way home, i decided to stop by the chinese supermarket to replenish my own supply of soy sauce and chilli sauce. next mission look for ikan basung:)
supply of my favourite condiment to go with my fish.

time to stink up the whole house.

some steamed broccoli to go with rice and fish

while waiting for my fish to get done

chow time...its been a while since the last time i had this fish.
man, it was delicious!!!.


Cherish Tulips said...

didn't know you could get all those local looking soya sauce etc.in NYC too..cool!

kadazan man said...

oh yeah...almost everything from malaysia. well..not everything but most of the necessary items that you need one can get them here. yes, even belacan:). can't find any of the local vege from back home but can still find others to satisfy your taste bud.

SJB said...

look like ikan kayulah hehehe.

The Dusun Aroma said...

ooo kalau sia.. lumahan kah kayu kah amas kah merah kah, yang penting sodap hasilnya topinai!

Baru sia makan jua ni ikan smalam (sia kasi deep fried jak), but kobihis juga sia tingu tu gambar ko.. jemm! can't wait for lunch :P

Cath J said...

Ohhh... i got fish on my fridge also.. u make me wanna' la...LOL..
Ikan goreng lah ni mlm ni..hehehhe

Hantu Laut said...

I think it is ikan kayu.The English name is Skipjack or Bonito.

Rumahan is smaller in size with slimmer body.Like ikan kayu it is also very common in the fish market in Sabah.

Cold water Bonito tastes better than those in the tropic.

Besides writing I am also an angler.

kadazan man said...

i don't think i ever seen that name in the fish market here. but thanks hantu laut, will keep an eye on them the next time i go any fish market. for now, i will stick to the filipino supermarket to get my supply.

dusun aroma...sadap butul-butul bah rasanya when i had my first bite of the fish:)

SJB said...

i think there call different name..

alrezai said...

Kadazan man the fish you bought is not Lumahan that's ikan kayu or in Tausug language Ista' Mangku'. Ikan Lumahan in english is striped mackerel. The word Lumahan is originally taken from Tausug language.