digital photo exhibit

went to an opening reception of digital photo exhibit by a documentary photographer mia song at sb digital gallery in manhattan last night. the exhibit, entitled inside north korea, was about her trip to north korea in the past 2 years and pictures that she took during the trip. had some some interesting pics which made me realised that north korea actually look somewhat "prosperous" that i imagine. well...from the pics that were taken by her that is. spoke with her briefly and told us a little bit about her trip where she said that was always a guide following her while she was taking all the pics. during her first trip it was somewhat difficult. probably because the north koreans didn't quite know who she was but finally warmed up to her during her later visits. check out out her website and take a tour of all her works. www.miasongmia.com.

photo source: sb digital gallery / taken by mia song

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