apple store

had to go to apple store on 5th avenue today to get my ipod check with the apple technician. god, that store is always busy and packed. the last time i was in that store was in december when i thought it was busy and packed because of christmas shopping. lo and behold, the place was packed today too. sat out of the store to take few pictures of the store. very interesting design. its like a glass entrance and stairs with apple symbol right above your head while entering the store right underneath the water fountain. pretty cool actually. the ritz is right across the street and the surrounding area is busy as usual right by central park.


Hantu Laut said...

Thanks for the blogroll.I have added yours to mine.

I hope you enjoy New York.My last visit there was about 10 years ago.Drove up to Boston and Niagara Falls then went to Vermont, beautiful in autumn.

Which part of Sabah are you from?

Will keep in touch.Have a nice day.

M&M said...

Beautiful and sunny Sabah. Hence the title of my blog Kadazan Man in New York partly inspired by Stings' song English Man in New York. yes, no place in the world is as beautiful as Vermont especially during the Fall.