new york public library

yesterday i felt like having japanese food for lunch. since it was a nice day, i decided to walk over to 41st stret and 5th avenue where they have a japanese takeout selling mostly japanese food. prices are not too bad for a light and healthy lunch. when i said healthy, i meant there is no fried or oily food. i bought a lunch box where in it they had fish, rice, some kind of mashed potato, japanese pickles and some kind of seaweed. most of the time i don't know what i am eating in japanese restaurant but as long as it looks edible, its fine by mine. the fish was excellent. looked like they steamed the fish and boy it was good especially when you squeeze some lemon on it. i should have taken a picture of it. i forgot that i had a camera in my bag until i walked out of the place. anyway, here are some pictures of the new york public library on 5th avenue around the corner from the restaurant.

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