long island city

the number 7 train was delayed the other day coming back from work. and we were told to walk from jackson vernon avenue stop to queensboro plaza which is not that far to catch a queens bound train. once i got out from the station i realized that i had never been to that particular area of queens and always wondered what is it like outside the station whenever we passed the station. so, since i had my camera in my bagpack, i decided to venture around. once i was on the street level, i immediately walk straight towards the view of manhattan not even sure where it was going to lead me. the area looks pretty decent to me. i noticed a few big fancy building around; women pushing baby strollers around, pre-k school, some fancy restaurant, new high rise apartment building and new ones that are being built. later on i found myself right by the water's edge with this fantastic view of midtown. i realized that i am probably at the western most point of long island where the new york state parks created the gantry plaza state park .
looking towards manhattan, you are looking at midtown with clear view of the united nation building. it looks like this place used to be an old slipyard or something and now turned into this gorgeous park. the important feature about this park is that the pepsi cola sign which is an iconic symbol of new york city. every movie about that you see about new york city might have seen this sign. some interesting facts about it. apparently it was built on top of a factory that used to bottle soda. however, the factory was torn down recently in order to make way for luxury condo. few people decided to save that sign and install it right next to the park. the area around its current location closed due to construction. it looks like they are almost finish with the work. so, hopefully it will be finished by april and i will walk down there again and take more pictures.

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