not your typical sunday - part 1

I woke up early this morning. Had a cup of coffee. Did some school work, checked my email, read the news and updated my blog. Just the same usual stuff that I would normally do on any given Sunday when I don’t have a hangover to deal with. I was contemplating whether I should go to this travel show that my friend told me about at the Javits Center in Manhattan. I was in the shower when the phone rang at 10 am. It was my friend who left a message and told me that he'd just arrived at the Javits Center and asked me to give him a call as soon as I get there. So, I figured what the heck I’ll go plus with the free pass from my friend I don’t have to pay $15 to get in. Took the bus which is usually empty on Sunday and got off at 74 street Jackson Heights subway. Took the F train which was unusually empty. I guessed it’s still pretty early. I got off at 34th street Madison Square Garden. The train station was quite but the street was busy as usual. So, I made my way to the convention center on 34th and 11th avenue. Apparently, I am not the only one who was going to the convention center. I meant to take a picture of building from outside but was distracted by a phone call. The building looks rather small from outside but once you are inside its kindda big. Glass ceiling and wall. Couple of convention area or exhibition hall. It looks pretty busy because it ooks like there were a few things or exhibition going on at that moment. Met my friend at the lobby, got the free pass and I was on my way through the floor. I started to walk around at 12.30 pm and didn’t get out until 3pm…I think. Lots of booth for people interested to travel any where around the world. I stopped at few booth and picked few brochures. Didn’t want to pick a lot of it because I know I probably wouldn’t be reading any of them anyway. So, I decided I just pick stuff that I am interested in or for anybody that I know might be interested in. and yes…lots of pens since they were giving them out for free. At least I get to use them all. I was just thinking that they should encourage people coming to the show to do their bits and go green by giving out recyclable paper bags. Instead, there were giving out tonnes of plastic bags and lots of unnecessary stuff in it. I mean all the information that they need to know can be found on the internet anyway. The Malaysian Tourism Board gave out paper bags. Although, one of the lady there hissed at me for not taking more of their brochure. Didn’t see the need to say that I am originally from Malaysia. Heard them talking to a couple about how Malaysia Airlines has an offer to fly anybody any where in the South East Asia from KL for US$500. etc. I think that's pretty steep. I did pick a few and one of them is about Sandakan..interesting. It looks like an old brochure and need to update it with more colorful pictures. Whereas the pamphlet that I got from the Indonesian booth one of them had a very nice map about costumes from different region in Indonesia and dvd too. The Malaysian tourism booth was kindda blah but the Indonesian was pretty impressive and decorated with gongs, headdresses etc. Didn’t take any pictures. Couldn't be bothered There were shows on the main stage and few performances here and there on the floor especially countries from South American and the Caribbean like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and few others. I thought the show was going to be a lot bigger and grand than this but its not. Wouldn’t pay $15 to get it just to check it out. Unless, I have to…I guess. Anyway, not trying to be ungrateful but that's just my two cents. However, the highlight of the day was when I met the Megan McCormick during her autograph signing. I know she is one of presenter or host in the tv show Globe Trekker along Ian Wright, the funny Scotsman, and Justine Shapiro. I couldn’t remember her name until she introduced herself to me. Very nice lady. She told me that she has been in the show for 10 years and wished she could visit Malaysia. I asked for her autograph and told her that it was for my mom. But the guy behind me told me that I don’t have to lie and just say its for me. Well…thanks a million for blowing my cover. Anyway, she graciously signed one photograph of her for me and even took a picture with me. And here’s the picture to prove it.

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