There is something about live performance that I always enjoy whenever I have the chance to watch one. I suppose it’s the intensity of the singer while trying to belt out his feeling through each guitar strum along with a lyric that occasionally drowned by the loud drum, or maybe it’s the emotion and energy that the singer pour into the performance in trying to thrill his audience, or maybe it’s the audience themselves who are so into the music that the performer draw his or her energy from. There is just something about it that couldn’t put my finger into. Schocholautte (pronounced as Shock-O-Lot) is one of those band that can carry a tune in their recording and able to apply the same quality of performance and ummph while on stage. Apart from few an unruly drunken audience, the rest of the audience seemed to have a good time and enjoyed the show at Niagara; audience that comprised of few yuppies (they are the drunk ones and trying to act cool), your typical lower east crowd and others who looked like they just stumbled into the show and there to check it out. Overall, I would say the show was great. I am not big in the Indie music scene in New York but as I said before they do have few catchy tunes that got my big fat head bobbing for about 50 minutes. That to me means “I am having a good” and “I like it”. No, I did not stay all the way to end of the show since I have to wake early in the morning, and boy, so much for wanting to get home early. The trip home took me longer than the time I spent at the show, 2 hours to be exact. That’s the bad part about riding the subway in New York City during wee hours of the day. Train running on a different track, construction work etc. Will write more about that later. Right now, I'm off to bed.

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