saturday-election day

a delegation from the malaysian government came to new york to attend for united nation for 2 weeks. one of them is friend to my old friend from syracuse university. so, i got to take them around new york and show them some of the sights. they didn't get get to do much because it was a rainy day plus they spent most of their time in conference at un building unti late nights. so, i only get to take them out for short while on the day they are supposed to leave for kl.
i met them after their trip to staten island to view the statute of liberty. then i took them for breakfast and talked about the election result. they kept on getting messages about the election result from malaysia. i would just keep track of it from home if i were not out with them. it was also through them that i found out samy vellu was defeated and their own minister sharizat was defeated. here's a pic showing them checking the result online. later i let them off on a shopping spree at century 21 while i was reading somewhere. and boy did they shop. not exactly my kind of place to shop but this people really shop. i just wonder how much money does a government worker make this day anyway. later i took for a walk to wall street and took pictures there.

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